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Hi guys,

I have a complete full set (two wheels) of bearing seals, brake shoes, bearing caps and bearings to suit the earlier model TVAN (say 2009). These are available free to anyone who wants them. Located near Albury in NSW (pickup only). They may suit other model TVAN”s. All parts are new unused.

Also available are three unused powder coat touch up spray cans in Dark Anotec Grey. This colour was used in the earlier models.

Please PM if interested

Topaz Topaz / Insurance
« on: February 15, 2018, 06:23:40 PM »
Hi guys,

I got my renewal from GIO today for my just under 12 month old Topaz Series II.  When first insuring it they struggled to come to the party at a $100K insurance cover, but none the less with a bit of dialogue back and forth and a competitor offer we got cover with them.  In their wisdom the renewal came today wherein they reduced the agreed value to $31,800. When questioned about this they suggested they were being generous as the market value was $26,000.  Clearly they have no idea what they are insuring and I have gone through this with each van I have ever owned (TVAN, Vista Crossover and now my Topaz Series II).

I would welcome any feedback on other insurers whilst GIO try to get their head in the game - they are reviewing my policy and how they came to such a shocking depreciated value.  My van has travelled 6000 kilometres and presents as near new.  Sorry no offers to purchase considered at $26000 nor $31,800  ;D ;D ;D

Topaz Topaz / Input for unregulated solar panels
« on: September 19, 2017, 08:32:42 AM »
Hi guys,

I have a series II with a Redarc DC to DC charger and on the right side of the van is an Anderson plug for connection of unregulated solar panels.  Right next to the Anderson plug is a Merit socket, is anyone able to clarify if the Merit socket is a 12v output or an alternative input for unregulated solar?

Topaz Topaz / Front window distorted Series II Topaz
« on: September 19, 2017, 08:25:53 AM »
Just wondering if any other Series II owners have experienced warping or distortion of their front window, and if so is there a remedy? The design of this window and the distortion raises concern regarding possible water ingress at some stage.

Essentially the Perspex (or polycarbonate) warped within days of my Topaz being purchased new last summer and did not straighten out when it cooled down.

Topaz Topaz / Jockey wheel woes
« on: April 24, 2017, 05:33:06 PM »
Hi guys,

Is there any other Topaz Series II owners having issues deploying their jockey wheel?  I have to dig the ground at 98% of sites I stop at, even those that are level as the jockey wheel is too low to deploy.  I suspect it is because my Topaz wheels are 16" whereas others may have 17" wheels.  I would never be able to deploy on a level bitumen or concrete surface as I would not be able to dig.

In relation to this question, has anyone tried to fit a height adjustable jockey wheel to their Series II as used on most other vans? If it were possible I would consider doing so - perhaps using the Trailer-Mate as an option.

I hope I am not alone on this one and that others have had and solved this issue.

Topaz Topaz / Draw water from stream option
« on: March 16, 2017, 04:13:35 PM »
Hi guys,

I recently picked up my new Topaz Savannah, when I have a moment I thought I would write a "real life" review if anyone is interested. In the meantime I am trying to make sense of the draw water from stream option, and it's limitations/features. The handover didn't cover this fitted option. Has anyone else got this option?

I have assumed that the tank bypass switch should be turned 180 degrees to switch to the from stream feature.

Without running the pumps dry for a prior I have not been able to claify the following;

Should the from stream option service both the hot and cold water circuits, and does it provide water to the internal and external taps?

My initial exploration saw the internal hot water pump run dry and despite having left two messages on the TT service department message bank I am yet to receive a response. Any clarification would be helpful.

Topaz Topaz / AC Inverter upgrade
« on: February 09, 2017, 07:26:56 PM »
Hi guys,

Lets get this out of the way first - just because I can and want to  ;D

I figured in buying a new Topaz and spending all that money on it, why not go the whole hog and deck it out so I can make my morning Nespresso.

I have looked at more substantial pure sine wave inverters with more grunt than the standard 300W Projecta inverter installed in the Topaz as I need around 2000W for my Nespresso machine.  I'm very hesitant to purchase a seemingly cheap unknown brand from eBay and therefore have been looking at the Projecta IP2000 which is a behemoth in regard to size but well featured - although perhaps a little overkill.  Not looking for technical advice but rather wanting to know if anyone else has gone down the path of fitting a 2000W inverter with a peak of say 3000W, and whether they found a quality pure sine wave inverter at a modest price ?

Hi guys,

My new Topaz is pending build in February and I expressed concerns to Track Trailer re perceived security issues with their current compression locks .  I noted that the current models of all Track vans do not come with tumbler keyed storage locker locks, but rather their vans come with E3 standard compression locks that use the large chrome keys that engage with a triangle shaft within the lock.  These locks would appear to be quite common and maybe prone to thieves accessing and stealing the contents within. Track advised that they no longer used the tumbler keyed clocks due to keyed locks gumming up with dust resulting in subsequent warranty issues.

My question is;

Has anyone on the forum had an experience that speaks to my concerns that these triangular non tumbler keyed compression locks pose a security risk?

Does anyone have any of the tumbler keyed locks fitted to their van, and have they had problems with them?  My experience with previous vans with tumbler keyed locks is they do gum up with dust, however I always had a can of WD-40's specialist lock lubricant on hand to clean and lubricate them on occasions when they did not work.

I have attached a picture of both locks below.

This van has hardly been used due to family circumstances and has sat idly garaged for far too long. It would suit someone seeking a near new unit, ready to travel with nothing to spend.

Features of this van are;

2 x 2.5 kg gas cylinders
70 litre water tank with electric pump to kitchen and hand pump to spout
Water tank level gauge
240 Volt power box with 12v Outlets and 240v Inverter
50 Watt solar panel and controller
25 Amp Projecta Smart Battery Charger
Pull out stainless kitchen with drawers, sink and two burner stove
Drawbar spirit level
Interior roof storage nets
Interior side wall pockets
Roof lining
Rear insect screen
12v buck boost regulator (for sensitive electronics)
Stereo Radio with iPod slot
iPad with TV tuner and quality external digital antenna
2 x new 88 Amp Hour high quality. GelbBatteries
Sirocco 12v Fan
Bed extension
Bed tie down rails
Innerspring mattress -  has waterproof cover so would present as new if cover removed
Side Awning, Sail Awning and Ensuite Annex - all never used
4 Jerry Cans - 2 Water and two Diesel, never used
Spare emergency bearings, caps and brake shoes

Other photos available on request

Asking $36,000

Phone Anthony on 0423 156308 or email

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