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Electrical and Wiring / Re: Removing Mk4 kitchen/awning light
« Last post by Wetjala on September 21, 2018, 04:47:18 PM »
I have recently constructed a remote controller (using off the shelf components) to do what you are trying to do as well as turn the internal light on remotely albeit separately. It's still in it's prototype stage, meaning I need to tidy up the wiring to box that houses the receiver, but I can probably knock up a rough "How To" if you  are interested. Basically it's just a two channel (relay) garage door controller with a couple of 2-channel key fobs (one for me and the other for the "trouble and strife"). One channel turns those external LED lights on/off while the second channel if for the main internal LED light. It's not too difficult to construct as long as you are comfortable with a soldering iron and okay with fiddling around in the inside electrical panel of the T-Van.

I looked at installing an external switch or two to perform this function but I wasn't happy with the IP waterproof ratings of commonly available switches so looked at using some kind of remote option. It works great with a range of around 15m from the T-Van in all directions!

Let me know if you want the details? (FYI: Mines a MkIV Murranji so the internals "should" be the same!)
Topaz Topaz / Re: Battery Power Problems
« Last post by Wetjala on September 21, 2018, 04:05:43 PM »
To continue my epistle . . .
Following on from the earlier comments regarding the potential for discharge of the onboard batteries in the Topaz/T-Vans while the trailers are not in use I found that in my case the 60l ARB fridge installed in the front storage box of the T-Van, which remains connected to the 12Vdc (my choice), continues to draw power even though it appears to be off, as “off” in this instance is actually “standby” (front panel display off, internal light off, compressor inactive but the internal circuitry still powered, much like the LCD TV when it’s in standby).

A brief test during the past few days showed that the combined battery capacity was decreasing at the rate of ~0.6% every 24hrs which added up to ~18% drop in a month and obviously more the longer it was left. After disconnecting the fridge from the power source the battery drain ceased almost completely.

So going back to the “storage” thing that I have been harping on about, maybe your fridges (I notice you refer to two of them in the Topaz) are also drawing down the battery charge – assuming, that is, they are in the standby “off” rather than physically disconnected 12Vdc source - when the trailer is sitting idle at home. And then as I noted in a prior post, maybe (just maybe) the draining/charging cycles between consecutive trips and idle periods are having a detrimental effect on the life of the batteries. It’s just a thought that may be worth considering.

(Incidentally, the power used by the Victron BMV-702 and, in my case, the Projecta Solar Charger are negligible. I’m not sure what the standby power consumption of the Redarc would be. The water tank gauge is powered from an independent internal battery.)


Electrical and Wiring / Removing Mk4 kitchen/awning light
« Last post by Howezit on September 21, 2018, 01:28:51 PM »
How, without breaking the thing, do I remove the kitchen/awning light on the side of my Mk4?
I want to find a way to incorporate a waterproof switch so that I don't have to always climb into the Tvan to switch the light on and off as it's required... especially since the switch is on the opposite side of the Tvan..
But I first need to get to the wiring somehow.
Topaz Topaz / Re: Rear bar protection slide plates, free.
« Last post by VK3GJM on September 21, 2018, 12:27:22 PM »
Hi All,

Plates added to new build. My first mod before delivery. TT have been excellent in the support and communication to have these welded in place prior to galvanisation of the chassis.


Tvan Tvan / Re: Query: ARB Fridge - Check Light Flashing
« Last post by CKG on September 21, 2018, 09:07:37 AM »
Hi William

I went with an Anderson plug to replace the merit plug. I reckon they're the most reliable.


Tvan Tvan / Re: Query: ARB Fridge - Check Light Flashing
« Last post by William_Foster on September 20, 2018, 11:24:08 PM »
I have just resolved a similar issue with my fridge in a 2016 Canning. The new National Luna fridge I installed kept cutting out due to low voltage. I had the fridge checked under warranty - it's fine. I had the batteries tested - they're both fine. I put the van into an auto electrician - they found the wiring behind the merit socket in the fridge cabinet had almost burnt out. They replaced the merit socket with an Anderson plug and the wiring down to where it enters the chassis rail.

I haven't been on a trip since fixing it - but it's running fine now. I hope this is helpful.



CKG, it sounds exactly like my scenario.  Hopefully I can get it fixed under warranty as it is only a few months old.

It is interesting as I never had merit sockets in my car which I have had a bit of electrical work done to ... read a lot  :) ... but when I ordered the TVan and was reading about the Merit plugs and did some research and saw that they were apparently better as they provided a stronger connection to ground.

I really hope it can be fixed easily, I don't like messy cabling and holes that can't be reused (I may have OCD).  Having said that, I was never sure why they didn't put the plug facing the back (middle) of the cabinet so that the cable didn't get caught on the filter and caught in the mechanism when closing, sure it would potentially pinch and it would be a pain to put in initially, but you'd think the space at the back (middle) would be more than enough to minimise the pinch issue.  If I did need to have it recabled I might ask them to do it that way and have a flexible bend installed to minimise the pinch issue.

Tvan Tvan / Re: Query: ARB Fridge - Check Light Flashing
« Last post by William_Foster on September 20, 2018, 11:11:52 PM »
Just to follow-up on the previous post from Gumb, ARB swapped over the standard plug for a Merit plug; but the dealer asked me to try swapping the ARB one over for one of the Merit plugs included in my spares box.  Which I did.  Unfortunately it still failed, I swapped the TVan ARB fridge out for my Waeco that is in my car (Luckily it has the same plug as the ARB fridge) and that didn't work either; so I definitely think it is a TVan issue at this stage.  Hopefully we can arrange to get it looked at in Kalgoorlie, I don't really want to have to drive to Perth.

As an aside, it was interesting to hear your comment Wetjala; that was pretty much word for word what the local ARB dealer said to me when I got them to mod the cable up originally.

I'll update you all when I get further feedback.
Tvan Tvan / Re: Query: ARB Fridge - Check Light Flashing
« Last post by Gumb on September 20, 2018, 12:04:22 PM »
As I mentioned, I have the standard merit fitting in the front box and have done over 20k with it and haven't had any issues. Quite a bit of that has been on corrugations as well so the fridge (EvaKool) sits on a high density foam mat on the fridge slide. On the last trip I used the merit outlet on top of the front box (fridge side) to run a lead to the Waeco fridge (running as a freezer) in the car when we were free camping so the aux battery in the car was kept at full capacity overnight while the 2 batteries in the Tvan ran both fridges easily. I had no issues with that merit connection either.
Tvan Tvan / Re: Query: ARB Fridge - Check Light Flashing
« Last post by Cruiser 105Tvan on September 20, 2018, 11:43:50 AM »
You can get the Engel style socket from your local NARVA agent, Autobarn, Superc**, etc.
Be careful inserting the plug, because you can still get it wrong and blow a fuse.
Even with the little key post inside the socket. 
Be even worth putting an inline fuse beside the socket too.
If you use the Engel socket, make sure you screw down the collar on the plug, into the socket.
And suspend the power cord, so it doesn't get chopped in the fridge slide accidentally.
And have a good time using the Tvan after all that effort.

I've got the Engel style, posi-lok, sockets in both the Tvan and the Tug. 
And it's a set and forget connection.
Tvan Tvan / Re: Query: ARB Fridge - Check Light Flashing
« Last post by Wetjala on September 20, 2018, 10:54:10 AM »
Interesting comments about the Merit plug. I heard a similar thing from the ARB salesman who sold me the 60l: that the Merit socket is prone to failure due to overheating in some installations and, if memory serves me correct, their preference now is to use the Engel style connections (don't quote me on that though!). My older 47l came with the standard cig.lighter plug that would convert to a Merit plug (by removing a section at the tip of the plug) that the 60l didn't which is how the conversation came up with the salesman when I queried this.

Whilst I haven't experienced any issues to date I reckon I will be retrofitting the Merit with an Engel-style socket in my T-Van to mitigate any potential problems in the future . . to be sure, to be sure! (wouldn't be a happy chappy if things went pear-shaped while in the back-blocks somewhere!!)   >:(
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