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Topaz Series 1 - Drawbar inspection
« on: August 15, 2017, 11:40:57 AM »


Track Trailer has recently become aware of 3 instances of cracking in Series 1 Topaz drawbar frames. While these are still being investigated we are now contacting all owners to ensure your safety.
Vans that may be affected by this issue are Topaz series 1, manufactured between 2009 and 2012. A VIN (vehicle identification number) inspection form has been created on our website to quickly and easily check if your van is possibly affected.
The VIN is shown on your registration certificate and also the small VIN plate located on the drawbar of the van.
If your van is affected it will automatically send you a self-inspection email with more information.

Please be assured that:
1)   The drawbar on your van was designed and thoroughly tested in accordance with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs).
2)   Instances of cracking are still under investigation, but we have decided to alert customers and inspect all units in service to ensure your safety and to complete a conclusive investigation.
3)   Track Trailer stands by its products and will continue to support its customers, to ensure safe and excellent service operation for many years to come.
4)   Instances are few and we are not expecting many/ if any to be affected by this issue.
5)   If any vans are found to have cracking in the drawbar frame Track Trailer will repair these vans regardless of warranty status.

For most customers this issue comes down to having a visual inspection of their van and then followed up by a complete chassis and suspension inspection at an authorized service centre at a convenient time. We would obviously recommend a complete inspection before any long trip.
There are 3 steps in this program:
1.   You will inspect your van yourself and return pictures to Track Trailer.
2.   Once pictures have been received we can take the appropriate action to have one of our approved service centres perform a free underbody inspection including expert drawbar inspection.
3.   If you think you have found a crack we will arrange for expert verification and repair. Please do not use your van until cleared by Track Trailer.

On receipt of your pictures, we will contact you to set up a convenient time to bring your van to one of our service centres. This will all depend on your location and the findings from the pictures/visual inspection as to what action needs to be taken.

•   Track Trailer is committed to ensuring the ongoing safety and operation of its Topaz series 1 vans
•   Dealing with this issue in a timely manner is our highest priority. We will be contacting all Topaz series 1 owners. Understandably some vans will have changed hands, please pass this message onto anyone your know who has a series 1 Topaz and encourage them to use our Vin checker: and contact Track Trailer
•   Track Trailer stands by its products and will continue to support its customers, to ensure your van continues to provide safe and excellent service for many years to come.