Author Topic: Tail Lights on Series 2 Topaz.  (Read 268 times)

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Tail Lights on Series 2 Topaz.
« on: November 27, 2018, 09:12:39 PM »
Our 2016 Topaz has Narva tail lights.
Some regularly check that the tail lights are operating. I plead guilty to doing this very infrequently. However, a check last week showed that the right hand indicator was not working.
The lights are a sealed LED units and super expensive if you have to replace. They are clipped into a mounting bracket on the Topaz with the wiring plugged into the Topaz wiring harness. These plugs are simple male and female plastic units that clip together.
The problem on our Topaz was these plugs. The pins were very dirty and oxidised( white deposits like on battery terminals).
They do not have a rubber boot over them to seal them and water/ dust had got into the pins. A complete clean of the pins, a coating of Vaseline and problem solved. I have also sealed the plugs with electrical tape to try to keep out water and dust. I did consider using heat shrink tubing but not easy to access and more difficult to remove for any future repairs.
Do other Topaz have a similar Narva lights and fitting plug?
Any with a water and dust proof rubber boot to protect the plug?

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