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« on: February 12, 2020, 08:04:59 PM »
G'day all,
We're currently at Bruthen doing a week with Blazeaid. Not surprisingly we're not the only Tvan in camp.
The purpose of this message is twofold. Firstly to encourage those of you who have considered giving it a go to take the plunge. It's a very rewarding experience and and you will be valued not matter what your skills.
Secondly, in the coming weeks and months as the awareness and publicity begins to die away the number of volunteers will dwindle dramatically - but the need for volunteers won't as the rebuilding process will be long and difficult for the communities. Maybe you could consider supporting Blazeaid during this phase to keep the momentum going and continue to provide hope to people whose lives have been shattered.
And just to finish we were working at a small farmlet pulling down burnt out fences and replacing them and I was chatting to the owner. He said words to the effect that even though the fires went through some weeks back the enormity of having to pull out all that wire, all the twisted star pickets and burnt off posts had been too much to think about and he hadn't done much at all. In two days our small team had the place cleaned up, new pickets in place and suddenly their world looked brighter. He said he was feeling really motivated again and the black dog was lifting. A day later we were out that way again and him and his mate were hard at it putting in gate posts " to make it look good from the road"
Give it a go - but maybe think about delaying it a few weeks!
Jim and Lyn
Jim & Lyn
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